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Ever had an experience of having the measurements taken, materials and colours chosen, only for it
to turn into a nightmare of finding out that the wrong measurements were taken, and the materials
and colours were wrong? IB Interior was started for you to say adios to these nightmares.
Founded in 2009, IB Interior Pte Ltd is the brainchild of Elton, Lydia and Jords. The story is that the
trio was at a crossroads with a decision to make, as they wanted to take home styling to the next
level. After discussing and exploring their options, the trio started a company that offers a different
creative direction, exquisite designs and an impeccable workflow to eradicate human error as far as

Hence, IB Interior was born.
The ideology behind our work is simple; we take pride in creating timeless, extravagant luxurious
designs, making each home and office the place everyone wish they can live and work in, and every
shop a happy shopping heaven. We are artists, but we are also realists. We hate it as much as you
do, to find a supposedly beautiful design turn out to be unusable. So while we aim to create elegant
and alluring designs, we also take care to balance aesthetic with practicality.
We specialise in residential and commercial designing in minimalist, rustic, industrial, gothic,
European, modern Victorian and Scandinavian designs-the popular interior design themes for
modern homeowners. However, we are always happy to discuss and explore creative ideas from our
clients for every project. In fact, IB Interior has created remarkable living and working spaces based
on our clients’ requirements, tastes and plans.

Contact us today and let us take the first step in creating your dream home and office!

Works Included

False Ceiling
Feature Wall

My wife and I were history buffs in Uni, and we were especially drawn to the Middle Ages history. So
naturally, after tying the knot and ready to move into our first home, we wanted a Middle Ages
theme. We contacted IB Design and our ID recommended the gothic design among all the Medieval
themes. It’s the perfect home for us.

Tony & Yujie

I was initially hesitant to get another interior designer, as I had a very bad experience with the
previous ID firm. But I dropped an email to IB Interior anyway. After meeting up with the designer
Lydia, my fear was alleviated. He was professional in his discussion with us and the measurements
were properly taken. Materials and colours were also exactly what we chose. Overall, I had a very
good experience with them.


I wanted to have an open concept but my wife was concerned that it’s too impractical as an open
concept kitchen will cause the entire house to be oily. Elton from IB Interior gave us suggestions with
some modifications, and we now have a neat looking open concept kitchen that is both visually
pleasing and practical.


My husband and I prefer a rustic design theme, as avid lovers of nature. We found IB Interior, among
others, on Google and after meeting with the few interior design firms that we shortlisted, my
husband decided on going with IB Design. The interior designer, Lydia, was very professional and
creative. He made little subtle modifications to some aspects of the design to suit modern city living
a bit better. In terms of choosing the materials, he gave very good recommendations on the
materials! Even the wallpapers selected is supposed to look like its real nature counterparts, so we
can really experience rustic living.

Darren & Cy

We would like to thank our ID, Elton, for the creative design and follow-up. We did not have any
design theme in mind and did not know what the themes there are to choose from. Thankfully, our
ID from IB interior eases us into the murky water by showing us various design themes and what
each theme entails. In the end, we chose the European style for its homeliness and tranquility.
Among all the styles and samples, we felt that this is the kind of feeling we want to come home to

Adbus O. Thalif

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Bought a new house? Looking for a professional interior design firm? Let IB interior help you
transform your new abode into your dream home. Whether you are looking for minimalist, rustic,
industrial, gothic, European, modern Victorian and Scandinavian designs, with over 20 years in the
industry, IB Interior got you covered.

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